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Self publishing can put you in a position of feeling you have to go at it alone and on your own. In some ways you are, but not with US at Hayden Publishing. We walk the walk with you and we go at the necessary pace to put out the quality work you want. You still the self publish author of your book, we are just the team to walk beside you to help you prevent the pit falls doing it on your own. We offer you one-on-one private coaching. We are a fine tune machine that helps a self publishing author brand his or her writing as a business, we are also a one stop entity.

You as the author are responsible for your own editing, design, layout, and quality control. However, we look over your work and bring to your attention what works without going to far away from what your true vision for your work. We realize that for some authors its fine to do your own publishing steps, but at Hayden Publishing we have found that most authors are looking for more and we offer it.

We guide you on how to brand yourself as more than just an author; Authors must find a way to stand out from the crowd. That ability to stand out is what we at Hayden Publishing will do and stand along side you along the way. We have an authors coach on hand to assist you along the way to help you fine tune your vision. We treat every author as an independent entrepreneur as they are and allow them to stand on their own brand.

Success is promised by your talent but winning is promised by the backing of the team. We will provide you with the tools to self-promote your brand and provide you a book you can be proud to not only call your own but a presentation that will sale.  Presentation is the key to the success of your book.  We have a vast gallery of talent, from a prominent media presentation package that will make you shine---- to a book designer that so creative, she will listen and brings your vision into a reality.



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